The Financial Translator – Kirk Kreikemeier, CFP® and Principal Advisor of Pebble Valley Wealth Management, gives his guidance and opinion on financial, market, and economic topics to help listeners move from confusion to confidence.

Bloomberg Surveillance – daily interviews of leading economists, strategists and professors

Wall Street Journal on Small Business – weekly 10 minute segments covering 3-4 topics

Knowledge@Wharton Interviews – 30 minute interviews taking an in-depth look at current trends, services or products

Industry and Government Protection

Bank Protection (FDIC)

Brokerage Protection (SIPC)

Insurance Protection (NOLHGA)

Pension Protection (PBGC)

Social Security Benefits (SSA)

Other Resources

Saving for College – provides educational material and state comparisons of 529 Plans

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed – brief summary of account types available

Health Savings Accounts – great resource from Rutgers explaining what they are and how they work

WSJ MarketWatch – collection of breaking news and in-depth stories on markets, economics and personal finance

WSJ Personal Finance – portal of WSJ stories related to personal finance

WSJ Small Business – portal of WSJ stories related to small business

SPDR University – Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) resource on what they are, how they work and product choices

iShares Resources – another ETF resource from BlackRock and the iShares family of ETFs

FRED – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Research Graphing Tool

WSJ Market Data Center – extensive collection of key asset class indices with graphing capabilities