Investment Management

Investment Management

We will explain the benefits of asset class diversification and balancing the trade-offs of market risk and reward.  In the end, you need to be comfortable with the portfolio implemented. The following is taken into consideration.

  • Time Horizon – how soon the funds will be needed
  • Asset Allocation – low-cost, diversified instruments across major asset classes
  • Asset Location – understand tax treatment of securities and hold in appropriate accounts
  • Prudent Use of Options – if you are comfortable, take advantage of added flexibility

A comparison of investment performance to custom benchmarks and other informative reports is presented regularly to help you understand the performance of the portfolio.

You retain ownership and title of the assets being managed.  Accounts are held at a third party custodian.  Trading authority is granted to Pebble Valley Wealth Management to facilitate the ongoing management of the assets.  Investment management is available on a stand-alone basis with a minimum balance of $125,000 or included in comprehensive planning services with a minimum balance of $250,000. Advisory fees start at 0.75% and 1.00%, respectively (with lower marginal fee tiers for larger balances).

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