A financial plan includes recommendations based on analysis of different scenarios and provides the supporting detail including the impact on financial security of different scenarios (retirement age, inflation, returns, higher expenses, etc.) and detailed cash flows showing income, different expenses components, taxes and portfolio performance.

This service includes the following:

  • Retirement planning and income strategies including amounts to save for and withdraw during retirement
  • Education and other special goal planning
  • Cost effective insurance and risk management solutions
  • Assessment of risk tolerance and time horizon when recommending an asset allocation
  • Review of fund choices for employer plans
  • Tax efficient estate planning and wealth transfer

Since the client will be managing the assets, accounts remain at current custodians and trading authority is not granted to Pebble Valley Wealth Management.

There is no minimum asset balance for this service.  The one-time fee starts at $3,500 and can be higher depending on the complexity of the circumstances and number of accounts and other financial products to analyze.

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