Useful Links

Useful Links

Economic and small business related podcasts available over your computer or digital player:

Bloomberg Surveillance – daily interviews of leading economists, strategists and professors

Wall Street Journal on Small Business – weekly 10 minute segments covering 3-4 topics

Knowledge@Wharton Interviews – 30 minute interviews taking an in-depth look at current trends, services or products

Government or industry agencies that provide a safety net to banks, brokerage, insurance companies, pensions and retirement income:

Bank Protection (FDIC)

Brokerage Protection (SIPC)

Insurance Protection (NOLHGA)

Pension Protection (PBGC)

Social Security Benefits (SSA)

Other useful links:

Saving for College – provides educational material and state comparisons of 529 Plans

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed – brief summary of account types available

Health Savings Accounts – great resource from Rutgers explaining what they are and how they work

WSJ MarketWatch – collection of breaking news and in-depth stories on markets, economics and personal finance

WSJ Personal Finance – portal of WSJ stories related to personal finance

WSJ Small Business – portal of WSJ stories related to small buseinss

SPDR University – Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) resource on what they are, how they work and product choices

iShares Resources – another ETF resource from BlackRock and the iShares family of ETFs

Home Inventory – document contents of home for potential insurance claims

FRED – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Research Graphing Tool

WSJ Market Data Center – extensive collection of key asset class indices with graphing capabilities

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